Travelers sit at reclaimed butcher-block tables and reupholstered, vintage chairs. Several aspects of the intricate design are locally sourced, including all cabinetry and steel work. A living wall of moss interspersed with tin can lids and airplane gauges adorns an entire dining room wall. Re-purposed suitcases, dozens of airplane flaps are all relics from America’s jet-setting past.

Breaking with convention, Root Down is lively, approachable and nostalgic. The architect, Ted Schultz’s intention was inspired by the 1960’s combined with modern day sensibilities. Taking many cues from Eero Saarinen’s iconic TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport, built at a time when travel was exciting and sexy, the space provides an eclectic retro feel with warm atmosphere.

Where practicality meets ambition, Root Down’s longstanding and outspoken commitment to eco-friendly practices is rampant throughout the space. From the innovative water filtration system providing clean, free and pure water for guests to actively participated in the first composting pilot program in Concourse C, Root Down stands firmly behind its vision – entrenched in value, actively engaged in sustainable practice.